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Referral Program
The Rescue Team believes the best way to grow our customer base is through word of mouth. If you are a satisfied customer we implore you to tell your friends and acquaintances about The Rescue Team.

We offer financial incentives for referrals - earn cash every time you refer a new customer. You will receive ($25 for a new customer that spends over $100 in labor charges) and ($50 for a new customer that spends over $250 in labor charges).

We have business cards with a referral form on the back for you to hand out or just tell the person you referred, to let us know it was you who referred them, and we will cut you a check.

The referall program is for existing satisfied customers, (the referer must be a prior customer). The referral program does not include online parts sales.

Onsite Service Call
If your computer, printer or other equipment has a hardware problem (Bad hard drive, bad mother board etc.) or you prefer that a technician comes to your business or home. You can set up an onsite service call by clicking the link below or calling us on the phone. We currently offer onsite service in the St. Louis and surrounding areas only.

Phone: 314-735-0408

Click here to setup an onsite service call

Remote Support
If you have a working broadband (not dial up) internet connection we can connect to your computer through our remote support software. Once connected we can often diagnose and correct your computer problems or assist you with software issues. If your problem turns out to be a hardware issue we will guide you through the next steps required to repair your device. So no matter if you are on the road, in your office or at home as long as you have an internet connection we can help.

Call now to set up your remote session, we will give you a 6 digit pin code to enter below which will initialize the connection.

Phone: 314-735-0408
Toll Free: 1-866-436-1251

Enter your 6-digit PIN code:


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