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Virus and Spyware Removal

People often assume that when their computer crashes or freezes, there is something wrong with their hardware. However, in many cases, this is caused by malicious software downloaded from the internet without the computer users consent or knowledge. These threats include viruses, Trojans, ad-ware (malware), browser hijackers and key-loggers. All are to be considered dangerous; many will compromise the security of your personal data and seriously damage your installed software or operating system such as windows itself.

Symptoms of viral or spyware infections often include noticeable slow down of computer processes, intermittent internet connection or not working at all, as well as hardware and software failure.

If your computers have been compromised, we can remove the virus or spyware and install software that will help keep viruses and spyware from reinfecting your computers. We will also show you how to perform preventive computer maintenance and updates which will help to keep your system virus and spyware free.


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