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Onsite Local Backups
For Servers: Servers require backup software that is written specifically for servers. The backup software that is made for personal computers will not work. We recommend Symantec Backup Exec (formerly Veritas Backup Exec). Less qualified backup software often will not handle the encryption associated with a servers domain and therefore will not restore a backup correctly. We would also recommend using external usb hard drives for your backup storage because they can be hooked up to any server with usb ports to retrieve your data. Backup tapes require the specific tape drive that fits your tapes, a new or different server may not have that particular tape drive.

For Personal computers and laptops: There are multiple options available. We recommend backing up to an external usb hard drive or if you are backing up only a limited amount of data an usb flash drive will suffice. We have multiple software's available some require more time and attention then others.

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Remote Online Backup.
If you have a working broadband (not dial up) internet connection we can configure your computer to back up across the internet. The big advantage to this is your data is offsite and the backup process is automated. This option works well if you have a limited amount of data to backup or if we do an onsite initial local backup to an external hard drive and sync the data to your account at the backup server. After the first backup only the files that have changed since the last backup will be backed up across the internet making subsequent backups much faster.

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Remote Online and Onsite Backup Solutions


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